Saturday, September 11, 2010

Vagabonds make many friends

The life of a vagabond takes him to many new places throughout the year. With each new place comes the opportunity to meet new friends. All you have to do is be friendly and say hello. People are always wanting to find out where you have traveled and where you are going. They are curious about good spots you have found they may be interested in exploring. Since you met them at this place, changes are good they like the same kind of spots you do. So, you get a chance to make connections all over the country and with each connection a chance to reconnect somewhere down the road.

Extended family on the road
You can develop quite an extended family being a vagabond. This happens because you start enjoying the conversation and soon several people are wondering aloud if they is a mutual destination that appeals to the group. Soon, you have a caravan of sorts traveling around together. The core group stays together and various individuals join for a time then move on. It can be fun getting to know the various personalities while listening to their life stories. As an individual, I tend to move throughout the whole traveling group but couples will latch on to a group and become their own family.

Vagabonding is about experiences
The things in life that you get to live over again by thinking about them are what makes life special. These experiences are what define us and make vagabonding so much fun. Each day brings a new experience and each move brings a whole new set. Life is meant to be lived and the opportunities to do just that on the road are enormous. The advantage being found in relocating if the current area doesn't make you happy. So, if you are ready to find those rich experiences that define your life, try vagabonding, the life is full of them.

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