Thursday, September 16, 2010

A boondocking trip across the Southwest States

There are many places in the US for dry camping or boondocking. Places to camp for free but do not have services so your RV must be self contained with its own toilet, electricity, and water. The long term places( at least 14 days) are usually found on some kind of public property like BLM land, forests, or grasslands. For short stays, you can find overnight camping in many places like rest areas, businesses, and even multiple days in city campgrounds. Some of the city campgrounds may even include services.

Across the southwest to the LTVA sites.
My plans are simple. I started with the criteria that each site much be no more than 200 miles part and allow camping for at least 14 days. Every 14 days, I plan to stay at a campsite with services so I can recharge my batteries, fill my water tanks, dump my holding tanks, and take that all important long hot shower. So, I spend no more than 4 days in a paid campsite every 2 months. By the way, the forest service does have some really reasonable campsites for a low fee that includes electric, water, and hot showers. Each excursion is planned for two months which includes 4 stops.

This group of 2 month excursions will take you from the Oklahoma panhandle all the way to the LTVA sites near California. Of course, you can stay less at each site and take less time for the total trip.

1. The Grassland Excursion

2. Northern New Mexico

3. Western New Mexico

4. Eastern Arizona


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