Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Making money as a vagabond

It is fall again and this reminds of Christmas jobs to support the vagabond lifestyle. As a vagabond, you have to decide which type of work appeals to you. Some like to work along the way wherever they are at the time. Each month they make what they will need for the next months food, lodging, etc. Others, like to work hard for a couple of months and take the rest of the year to just enjoy life. I fall into the latter group ao when I work, I like to work and get it over with because I can plan my budget from that income. It doesn't mean that I don't work the rest of the year because I will trade services for lodging or pick up some extra work to pay for repairs or replacements.

Money making in the fall
If you don't mind hard work, one of the best places to work for people with an RV is one of the three Amazon warehouses. They need a lot of people during the last 4 months of the year and you can do very well there. It is hard work but if you are capable of doing the work, you can get around $10 an hour with a lot of overtime. They will also pay for you to stay at a campsite while you work which is an added benefit. Their warehouses are located in Coffeyville, Kansas, Campbellsville, Kentucky, and Fernley, Nevada. This is a great opportunity in the fall to fill up the coffers for more vagabonding next year.

Christmas Help
Amazon isn't the only one to add extra help during Christmas so look around where you are at for those extras Xmas jobs. If you are doing affiliate marketing online, get those Christmas pages done. For those who are selling T-shirts and other printed gifts, roll out those Christmas designs for the early shoppers. And those that are close to an urban area, don that Santa suit for entertaining the children while you earn. If you want to make money this fall, it is time to get started because the season is here.

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