Thursday, July 8, 2010

National Forest Camping in Wyoming

The Shoshone National Forest in Wyoming has 2.4 million areas of forested lands that contain some very nice campsites. It was the very first national forest in the US. There will be a 7% grade most of the way down 28 so take your time. Just off highway 28, 28 miles from Lander is Louis Lake Road FR-300.  A mile down the road you will find a nice dispersed camping site for RVs.

The view from this particular campsite is great but remember this is a boondocking site so no services are available. In the Shoshone National forest that allow you to  stay for 16 days in dispersed camping. After that you have to move a minimum of 5 miles to another location.  If you want services like electric, there are plenty of developed campgrounds in the area.

Shoshone National Forest wildlife is abundant and you have a chance to see grizzly bears, wolves, coyotes, mountain lions, red fox, elk, big horn sheep, and moose just to name a few. Bald  and golden eagles are more common now than they have been for decades and tend to inhabit areas near waterways. If you like to watch wild life this is the place to go. However, here is some sage advice from the Forest Service. "NEVER pick a fight with a grizzly bear".  Sometimes due to bear activity they will close some campsites so watch for closed camping signs or ask the ranger.

Things to do
During the last decade of the 19th century, minerals such as gold were mined with limited success. The last mine was abandoned in 1907, but panning for gold is still allowed in many areas of the forest, and in most circumstances no permit is required.You will find plenty of wood for a campfire and lots of places to go fishing. Yellowstone national park is along one edge of the forest while Grand Teton National Park is also very close. So, there are plenty of activities to keep you busy for awhile.

If you like wilderness camping or hiking, you will find plenty of it here. Shoshone National Forest contains four wilderness areas. They have been mostly untouched by human activities. The regions are the North Absaroka, Washakie, Fitzpatrick and Popo Agie Wildernesses. Go find you a used RV like I did and head on up there.

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