Saturday, July 10, 2010

A day in the life of a vagabond:Vagabonding in America

What does someone need take with them to be a vagabond? Well, some people just need their feet to get going while others use a motorcycle. Some leave on a bicycle and others drive their car. A lot of retirees spend a fortune on a large RV they drive from park to park. The truth is at most vagabonds take what is familiar and just pack for the road. On the other hand, most vagabonds start out packing way too many things. This is especially true with the retirees who need those 40 foot RVs to haul everything around.

Your smile
If you want to be a true vagabond, the most important item to pack is your smile. You can barter with that smile better than with anything else. For with that smile comes friendship and opportunity. That smile will get you out of many a tight spot along the way. While many an invite to dinner can be had by simply buying in with your smile.

Flip flops
What always comes in handy for me are flip flops. I raid the dollar store and buy several pair for a $1. They are great for wearing around a campsite instead of your normal sneakers or hiking boots. If you plan on using the public showers, never be without flip flops. When that unexpected need arises to go outside, you can quickly find your flip flops. I keep a pair by the door of my trailer or my tent.

Anywhere you travel as a vagabond, you need to bring a healthy dose of curiosity. What would be the point of traveling if it were not for seeing new things and gathering up new experiences?
Curiosity will keep you going down the road and satisfaction will make it all worth while.

Home remedies
There are three home remedies I take with me. Peppermint extract for congestion, cloves for toothache, and honey/lemon/whiskey for everything else. If you end up with a sore throat, honey/lemon/ and whiskey will made it feel better fast.

Travel Journal
Where ever you go, make a note of where you have been before. These are wonderful reads later on and prompt you to revisit a few places. You will be surprised how many little things you forget from your travels so write them down for later smiles.

Think like a native
When you get to where you are going, blend in and become a native. The worst thing you can do is stick out like a sore thumb. The more local friends you make, the more immersed you are in the local culture. A real view of where you are located can only be seen through local eyes.

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