Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Missing the path marker of God's will

As we wander down the path of life that God chose for us before we were born, our eyes are diverted by many carnal things like a big house, that person we just have to kiss, or adding to our bank account. While our eyes are not fixed on the plain and simple path that is our purpose in life, we miss the path marker. It isn't apparent to us at first, except we get a nagging sense of something wrong in our thoughts. The Holy Spirt starts to whisper warnings along with new directions back to the main path.

If we get the message quickly, we either never leave the path completely or we turn around soon enough to need very little correction. Sometimes, for those of us that are slow learners, the warnings are ignored until our life is turned upside down. These major course corrections to get back to doing God's will is not what He desires for us to experience. I have experienced more than one of those in my life as I am sure many of you have also.

So, I have finally learned to keep my life plain and simple to make it easier to quickly recognize any missed path markers. The plain and simple life that adds value to the world according to God's will. Strip away the excess. Less to manage and less to distract. The plain and simple approach to life has turned me into a vagabond. A vagabond seeking out new adventures at each turn of the path that God has planned for me.

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