Monday, October 11, 2010

Life by Rote

One day I began to look at why I was doing certain tasks each day. Was it because I really needed to do those things or did someone tell me they were necessary? Do you really have to go get your mail each and every day? What about housework? How many things must you do each day? There are a lot of things in life that we are taught to do. How many people eat 3 meals a day? Any reason not to eat 5 small meals or even one large meal and a smaller meal?

Too many "have tos"
We never seem to look at the tasks we have to do each day. They are just accepted as a part of life. Once they are completed then we have time to enjoy ourselves. However, for most of us, we wake up one day and the "have tos" take up so much of the day that the "want tos" get lost. It is only at vacation time or Sunday afternoon that we have any time to do the fun stuff. If your life has come to that point, it is time to make a change and start pruning.

Make it simple
So, when I wanted to make my life simpler, I sat down and made a list of each daily task. I then took a few of them and began to do them every other day. Then every 3rd day. I realized that I could live a little less structured in exchange for a simple life. All those things I learned to do by rote, I reevaluated and now I do so many less. Each of us have the same things in our life that complicate our life because we find we are stuck doing them each day, week, or even month.

Leave more time for fun
When you feel your life is too complicated then you can start to look at those things also. Soon your life will feel less complicated and you will have more free time to do what you like. If you get as excited about a simple life as I did, you find you a small trailer and hit the road. It takes very little income to maintain my lifestyle while it comes with no drama or complications.

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