Sunday, August 15, 2010

The call of the wild is strong in this one

When you are looking at ways to hitch up your wagon and become a vagabond, you will find two types of vehicles: the motor home and the truck pulled trailer. Each of these has its own advantages and disadvantages. What I found was the more miles you drive, the better off you are with a motor home. You don't have to set it up and everything is at your fingertips while moving. If you like to stay in one place for a while and drive to see the local sites, you are better off with a trailer. The trailer has the advantage that you can replace your vehicle or replace your trailer if you wish to upgrade. You can also travel around without your trailer much cheaper. When you don't drive many miles or set up very often, the motor home loses it advantage I think.

Call of the wild
If you are feeling the call of the road, all you need is to purchase your home and hit the road. Many people spend years trying to save the money to buy that home while those years will never return. Buy what you can now and hit the trail. I read where one couple went to the salvage yard and fixed up an old motor home. It got them on the road the only way they knew how to do it. Don't wait for that big lottery win that may never come. You can work along the way. The important thing is just to get started now because who knows what will happen tomorrow. The people are friendly, the lifestyle is relaxed, and the scenery is beautiful. It is like being on vacation the rest of your life.

A life of significance, not just accumulating wealth.
Ever wanted to know what life will be like in your retirement years? Take a day and head on over to the closest elderly care facility. Spend a day talking to several of the residents about what they did after they retire. After a few hours of learning for you and much needed visitation for them, you will learn that life is about living those wonderful experiences while you can do it today. Wealth is accumulated in your memories while happiness is reliving the best of times and laughing about the worst of times. Hear the call and answer it without fear. You will never regret the changes it makes in your life.

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