Tuesday, June 22, 2010

God's beautiful night time symphony

I was just thinking that I seem to feel closer to God when I am not inside a building that is located in a city. Could it be the man made structures that somehow block my thoughts because I am not seeing God's own handiwork? On the other hand, I never fail to feel close to God just by simply walking outside in the dark and looking up at the night sky. The sky is awash in the symphony of God's wonderful display each and every night. I don't know the real reason he created all those stars but for me it is a testament to his awesome power

When I am out in the wilderness or at a desert site in the Southwest, I can only feel the presence of myself and God. I then wonder how Adam must have felt when he was walking with God alone.  It makes me wonder if Jesus went into the desert so it was just him and God alone. God must love to commune with man alone because we don't have anything else to distract us. If you are feeling a distance from God and wish to have a closer relationship, try taking a few days alone and find him among the things he made in nature.

I now live very frugally with no extras. Living this way means I have more time to spend just admiring his handiwork in nature. Each and every time I hike through a forest or experience the solitude of the desert, it draws me closer to Him. An experience I would not give up to go back to my complicated life filled with wealth. I truly regret spending too many unsatisfying years chasing wealth. It never made me happy and yet a few minutes out underneath a  night sky alone in the wilderness does.

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