Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Extras to take when being a frugal vagabond

Here are a few items I use on my trips and some I would like to add soon.

I like to cook over an open wood fire when wood is available and this is a good tripod for doing that. All my campfire cooking is done with cast iron cook wear. They are easy to clean and never wear out. I built this wood stove from a coffee can. I use it to heat water with just a few small sticks or if you like charcoal cooking it can be used as a chimney starter.

One of my favorite things to cook when I have eggs is the Camping Omelet which is cooked with boiling water in a freezer bag. I learned from my sailing friends that eggs don't really have to be refrigerated if you turn them each day. Be sure and check them to see if they don't float in water before you use them.

Two things I always want to have working is my radio and my flashlight. Both of these use a mechanical wind up charger so I never have to worry about batteries. I also take one of those folding  portable camping toilet that use a bag just to have in an emergency. It stays in my truck as a backup or when I am away from the trailer. In the back of my truck is a 5 gallon container for gasoline plus I have a hand siphon. The gasoline is not just for the truck but for my camping stove that uses it also. My camping stove is a backup in case I don't have any propane. Sometimes, I like to take my tent and hike away from the trailer. The camping stove goes with me.

I keep a folding bicycle in my trailer and use it when I can for both exercise and to save on gasoline. It doesn't take up much space and works well for short trips to pick up food or get to some place just a little to far to walk. I keep a folding shovel for bathroom duty and a thermometer because I like to know the temperature. A few of things I would like to add is a canoe, outside shower, and a wind generator. The canoe I haven't been able to justify yet because I am not around water that frequently. I am gathering my parts for wind generator.

I purchased a black garden sprayer that I fill with water and leave out in the sun. You may also purchase a white one but spray paint it black. The sun heats the water for my shower. I then put on my swim suit, spray myself, soap up, and then rinse off. I really need to add a shower cabana but most of the time I am alone where I camp.

As you travel around, you too will add some items. Just remember everything takes up space and too many extras takes you away from the simple life of not having to worry about anything but the basics.

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