Sunday, November 21, 2010

Edible Plants

You will find a lot of edible plants while out boondocking. You don't have to know all those exotic plants that are edible or the difference between a good mushroom or a poison one. Just stick to the ones you are familiar with and know how to use in your daily meals. You can find plants in public places, along right of ways, and even ask some farmers for extra. Foraging can be a good way to cut your food costs.

Nuts, Berries, and Fruits
Nuts, berries, and fruits are some that are easily recognizable in the wild. They also tend to be some of the more expensive food items in the store. Even on public lands, you can pick all you want for your personal use. Nuts, fruits, and berries can add flavor and be a treat for your basic diet. The exercise you get while hiking around looking for food is also good for you.

Pecans, bramble berries(blackberries, dewberries), and blueberries are common. There is even a place in West Virginia where you can get cranberries. Don't forget wild grapes and even mulberries. Wild fruit trees can be seen along right of ways and on public lands. Anything from apples, pears, peaches, or even persimmons can be had if you just look around while driving or walking.
Herbs and Wild Vegetables
Herbs and wild vegetables are the next easiest plants to identify. Wild onions and garlic can be found a lot of places. Herbs and vegetables can be found where gardens used to be tended but grow wild now. Asparagus is one plant that grows for 20 years. I also carry some pots around with my favorite herbs in them like basil and rosemary. I use the local water source to keep them healthy instead of using my potable water. They always get put out if he looks like rain.

What I take with me when hiking is a back pack full of plastic containers, water of course, my lunch, and some plastic bags. When I come across edible things in the wild, I can collect them and they are then easily transported back home. Take your fair share and leave the rest for others and the local wildlife.

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